4 reasons to consider a holiday in Tasmania

Australia is made up of six states, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania. Tasmania isn’t widely known for being a location that attracts large amounts of tourists mainly due to it being the only state occupying its own island, south of mainland Australia. Although not a common holiday destination, Tasmania has an immense, rugged wilderness with spectacular mountains, beaches and reserves, a bustling art scene and is a foodie’s dream. Here are some of the main reasons why Tasmania should be one on your list of places to visit, either as a trip for those already holidaying to Australia or as a sole vacation to Tasmania itself.

Getting out in the great outdoors

Tasmania’s diverse and ancient landscape provides the ultimate outdoor experience. As soon as you leave the major cities, there is plenty to explore – did you know that over one-third of the island is national park, reserve or world heritage protected wilderness? It goes without saying that Tasmania is a walker’s paradise and the hiking opportunities range from waterfall-filled trails through the forest to deep wilderness hikes. There’s also ample opportunity to explore the coastline and island by boat, kayak, raft and yacht. You might think that the outdoors is made for the warmer months but through winter, the dusting of snow and ice creates a winter wonderland in the national parks.

The festivals

Tasmania is festival mad. From cultural festivals and world-class wine, beer and food events to sell-out music events, the island squeezes in lots every year. There are plenty to choose from but our favourites are Falls Festival, Ten Days on the Island and Dark Mofo. Falls Festival takes place on the final three days of the year so is the perfect way to bring in the New Year! Hosted on the coast of Marion Bay, you can go for a swim on the beach in between watching your favourite musicians. During Ten Days on the Islands, the whole island gets involved. There’s music, theatre, visual arts and comedy taking part at 50 locations across the state including major cities and tiny towns. And even in the winter time, there are events such as the Dark Mofo festival which includes music, a winter feast and a winter solstice nude swim in the Derwent River (rather you than me!).

The animals

For animal lovers, Tasmania provides the opportunity to tick some really rare animals off the list. Being a compact island, the different environments and landscapes of the alpine ranges, wetlands, grasslands, rainforest and coastal areas are able to support a range of different species. Many of which are found only in Tasmania. Animals to look out for include the iconic Tasmanian Devil, Wombats, Pademelon, Dolphin, Fairy Penguins, Wales (two different species), Platypus and, of course, kangaroos.

The views

Every area in Tasmania boasts spectacular viewpoints. With jaw-dropping landscapes a commonplace, you won’t have to go far to enjoy the scenery – from rolling rural hills to the coastal areas, there’s something for everyone. The best viewpoints include Wineglass Boy, the peak of Mount Amos, Gordon Dam. And we couldn’t leave Mount Ossa out of the list – the mountain is Tasmania’s tallest, reaching 1617 metres above sea level!

Australia holiday travel agent

If all of the above ticks the right boxes for your next holiday, get in touch with Millington Travel. Our Australian travel experts can plan your trip as well as some Tasmanian tours. The island can easily take a week to ten days to visit in full and is well worth a stop on any Australian itinerary. Visitors often comment it was a favourite part of their trip! To book your Tasmania escape, speak to one of our Australian holiday destination experts today or contact your local store.