Multicentre Creations by Classic Collection

Multicentre Creations by Classic Collection

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Many holidaymakers love the idea of covering more than one destination in a single trip. The contrast between two or more locations adds excitement and variety to a holiday and gives each destination a new context. It helps to create a much richer holiday experience, and your time away somehow seems much longer.

With a multi-centre holiday itinerary involving connecting flights, rail travel or ferry transfers, it can be an overwhelming task to piece something together. Our travel experts at Millington Travel have the time and the know-how to create an itinerary that’s both personalised and practical. Reading this now, you’re in the right place to start. Just get in touch and let us finalise the details for you.

Multicentre Creations Brochure

Download your copy of the Multicentre Creations brochure by clicking on the button below. When you're ready, call us or send an enquiry through or website.

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