European Touring

Experience the wild nature on Europe’s holidays… Explore the immaculate wilderness of Iceland or the Fjords of Norway, walk through the rolling hills of Tuscany or among the charming villages and hillsides on the Amalfi Coast. Europe’s cultural heritage is second to none, with legacies or Greek and Roman empires present throughout the whole continent. .

Go back in time and see the ruins of Acropolis or the Roman City of Pompeii. See and feel the influence of the Ottoman Empire in modern day Turkey, where east meets west on the banks of the Bosporus. Visit areas that have history going back thousands of years and sample some of the most under-rated wines around. Active adventures are a must in Europe…

Hike the Alps, Pyrenees or Carpathians and other stunning mountain ranges on walking and cycling holidays.

Some Suggested Trips to Inspire You