Croatia Holidays

Croatia Holidays

Romantic Rovinj is a town in Croatia situated on the north Adriatic Sea Located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, it is a popular tourist resort and an active fishing port.

Wow.. The sheer beauty of Croatia’s broken coastline is hard to describe. Boasting more than 1,100 islands, the country is renowned for its limpid waters and picture-perfect scenery, fabulous beaches, unspoiled national parks and forested hills. For lovers of sea & sand, Croatia makes a great choice, but this country offers so much more; it has everything from historic walled cities and spectacular Roman ruins to imposing castles. Zagreb makes a perfect city-break, being is truly central European and historical ties to the Austro-Hungarian empire are evident everywhere in the architecture and the hearty cuisine. Croatia is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage sites, has a glut of world-class museums, and plays host to dozens of festivals.

Located at a confluence of cultures, the region has always had a turbulent history. Croatia gained independence from Yugoslavia just 20 years ago, but since then the rugged natural beauty, wonderful people, and fabulous food & drink have been enticing visitors.

This stunning country is one of Millington Travel’s most highly recommended European destinations because it has something for everyone.

Our top things to see and do in Croatia

  1. Rovinj. One of Istria’s gems. Italian in feel, Rovinj is riviera-chic, with traditional fishing village charm.
  2. Plitvice Lakes National Park. Bewitching waterfalls, cascading into crystal clear lakes surrounded by forest clad hills.
  3. Sea Kayaking. The Dalmatian coast is best enjoyed from the water so you can explore hidden coves and beaches.
  4. Dubrovnik’s Old Town and walls. – Step back in time and walk the battlements of Europe’s best preserved walled city
  5. Golden Cape – The fine golden shingle of Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) makes it Croatia’s most photographed beach
  6. Hvar – Join the jet set on this increasingly exclusive island renowned for its rugged coastline, excellent wines, and lavender fields
  7. Korčula Town – A marvel of medieval urban planning which has charmed visitors since the 1920s.
  8. Pula – Some of the finest Roman ruins in Croatia, including the magnificent Roman amphitheater.
  9. Split – At Split’s heart is the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace. This huge structure is more of a fortress such as its size.
  10. Sunsets in Zadar – Who better to recommend them than Alfred Hitchcock?
  11. Zagreb – Yes we know there are 11 on this list, but the Croatian capital can’t be ignored. Unquestionably its most interesting city with beautiful architecture, a huge number of museums and galleries, excellent restaurants, a lively café culture and some lovely parks and gardens. Zagreb is an essential part of any visit to Croatia.

When to go?

There are clear distinctive seasons in Croatia. Winter is perhaps too cold for an enjoyable visit, but Zagreb as a city break is magical at this time of year. The temperatures from May to September are perfect for sun worshippers, and we recommend this as the best time to visit. In the peak summer months of July & August, it does get very hot, but rarely with extremes, with 30 degrees being the usual maximum high.


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November 1, 2017