Berlin. The city which shaped a century. Few cities can claim to have played such an important role in shaping the modern world. Once the epicentre of fascism, after WWII Berlin became the focal point of the Cold War, where two ideologies collided. East & West were cut off from each other by the infamous wall for decades, and while the East struggled with hardship, West Berlin became a shining light for all that was deemed good about democracy, freedom and Western consumerism.

The wall came down in 1990 and difficult years followed as Berliners adjusted, but modern day Berlin is a thriving metropolis and the capital of one of the most successful democracies in the Western world. It offers everything that a traveller could want, vibrant nightlife, wonderful dining, and excellent shopping. It’s the turbulent history which is, of course, the main draw, and echoes of the past can be found all over the city.

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Millington Travel has been booking our clients to Berlin for decades We love it and recently went there for our Christmas Party! So we have all the knowledge and experience to help you make the most of this wonderful city. From flights to hotels to sightseeing and attractions. We can book it all.

Top ten things to see & do in Berlin

  1. Stroll through the iconic Brandenburg Gate, and along Unter Den Linden towards the old East Germany.
  2. Have tea in the Adlon Hotel. Famous as a haunt of the well-heeled during WWII.
  3. Visit the Gedachtniskirche. Sums up Berlin – an old church destroyed in a bombing raid, and a new church rising from the ashes.
  4. Visit the Reichstag. The seat of the German Government through good times and bad.
  5. Enjoy 360′ views from the Berlin TV Tower.
  6. Shop in Kurfurstendamm, home of Europe’s largest department store, KaDeWe.
  7. Explore the Charlottenburg Palace on the outskirts of Berlin. This beautiful Palace hosts fine collections of china and paintings and sits in a lovely park.
  8. Check out the Potsdamer Platz. Once the centre of Berlin which was destroyed in the war and is now a high tech hive of activity.
  9. Walk the route of the Berlin Wall including the famous Checkpoint Charlie.
  10. Visit Museum Island which features five internationally renowned museums including the Pergamon Museum, for such significant constructions as the Pergamon Altar & Ishtar Gate.