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Splendid beaches, delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife and lively fiestas all make a Holiday to Spain one of Europe’s best getaways and it’s no surprise that after nearly 50 years of mass tourism, Spain remains the favourite destination for UK holidaymakers. Because Spain encompasses several autonomous regions and islands, the country boasts one of the most widely diverse cultures and landscapes on the continent.

UK visitors have been hitting the beaches of Spain in huge numbers since the early 1970’s, enjoying the fabulous sunshine, great food and wonderfully friendly people. The beach resorts are still visited by millions each year, but the vibrant cities have become almost as popular due to a large number of direct flights.

Spain may be considered by many as very familiar, but each region of this varied country offers the visitor something different. From the snow capped peaks of the Pyrenees to the sun-kissed beaches of the Costa Del Sol, Spain is brimming with Moorish fortresses, Romanesque and gothic churches and Renaissance palaces, all of which reflect the diversity of its culture and history. From sizzling cuisine and riotous fiestas to contemporary art, age-old museums and a fabulous beach-culture, Spain sure pack a punch. So whether you are a culture vulture, history buff or beach bum, it’s almost inevitable that with Spain, it’ll be love at first sight.

Since Millington Travel’s earliest days, we have been booking clients to Spain. It remains one of our favourites and our clients and staff return time after time to experience another little corner of this fabulous country.

Millington Travel’s Top Ten destinations in Spain

  1. Barcelona – Barcelona is one of the country’s top travel destinations because it offers everything tourists look for in a European city from historic architecture to lively shopping, vibrant culture and buzzing nightlife.
  2. Madrid – Spain’s capital and largest city, Madrid is widely known for its sizzling nightlife scene. The city constitutes a diversity of ethnic groups, making it one of Europe’s most colourful cosmopolitan cities.
  3. Granada – Located at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada offers a perfect blend of traditional cultures and spectacular attractions including the world famous Alhambra, one of the great architectural sights of Europe.
  4. Seville – As the capital city of Andalusia, Seville is home to many beautiful and important historic landmarks, including the grand Cathedral of Seville, where it is believed that Christopher Columbus is buried.
  5. Valencia – One of the largest and most important cities in Spain. After several years of major construction and renovation, Valencia today is famous for its Fallas Festival and the City of Arts and Sciences architectural masterpiece.
  6. San Sebastian – Located in the Basque country of Northern Spain off the coast of the Bay of Biscay. This beautiful seaside city is well-loved for its excellent beaches and outstanding culinary tradition.
  7. Cordoba – The historic quarter of Cordoba is a maze of tiny medieval streets, plazas and whitewashed courtyards all situated around the star attraction, the Mezquita, a glorious cathedral retaining most of its original architecture.
  8. Toledo – Perched on a mountain top in central Spain, Toledo served as the Spanish capital until the 16th century. Inhabited by Jews, Christians and Muslims for many centuries, the city is known as the “City of Three Cultures.” Today, Toledo is a popular destination for its wealth of historic art and architecture that dates back to the Roman Empire.
  9. Santiago de Compostela – Famous as the final destination of the traditional pilgrimage known as Camino de Santiago. Today, the city attracts thousands of visitors every year for both its religious tradition and history.
  10. Bilbao – The building of an architectural marvel in the 1990s known as the Guggenheim Museum, turned Bilbao into an important tourist hot-spot and cultural centre.

When to go?

Spain has surprisingly different weather depending on where you go. The North & North West of the country are cooled by the Atlantic Ocean so the summer is pleasant without getting too hot. Winters here are cool. Inland has cool winters but scorching hot summers. The South of the country has hot summers and warm winters, and the East Coast have hot summers and mild winters. For beach lovers, the summer months are best of course, and the resorts get very busy particularly in school holidays. Sightseeing is best done in Spring and Autumn.

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