Holidays & Tours to
Malaysia & Borneo

Malaysia is one of the most diverse countries in the world, a melting pot of multiple faiths and cultures living side by side in harmony and peace. You have 21st Century architecture in bustling Kuala Lumpur where the mighty twin Petronas Towers reach towards the sky dwarfing the city center below. In contrast, Malaysia has many islands dotted around its coastline where relaxing in world class hotels is the order of the day, whilst North of Kuala Lumpur you have the Taman Negara rainforest, untouched for centuries.

Malaysia also governs the North West of Borneo which it shares with Brunei and Indonesia and offers the intrepid traveler a glimpse of what once was. Head-hunters in Sarawak, Deer cave near Miri made famous by David Attenborough and of course the Orang-utans, which in Malay means the people of the forest, who are protected now in Borneo and at the forefront of Asia’s efforts of conservation.

Malaysia-Kuala-Lumpur city break

Millington Travel have been booking people to Malaysia for over 40 years and many of us have visited this lovely country so we have first-hand experience and a wealth of knowledge to offer. Whether you are interested in the fabulous beach resorts, culture, history, wildlife, Millington Travel can help you plan it.

Our Top Ten things to see & do in Malaysia

  1. Climb the Petronas Towers and enjoy the amazing view. Don’t forget to book though!
  2. Grab a taxi and go to the Batu Caves in KL. A natural cave which is the site of a famous Hindu temple and shrine
  3. In the evening visit Jalan Alor food street. This area is bustling with life and is all about al fresco dining.
  4. Fly to Langkawi and take a boat trip to see the Sea Eagles feeding on the inshore lagoons.
  5. Visit Georgetown in Penang, a reminder of Malaysia’s colonial past.
  6. In Borneo fly to Sandikan where orphaned Orang-utans are rehabilitated with a view to them returning to the wild.
  7. Ride the cable car in Langkawi and the monorail in KL, a great way to discover these destinations
  8. Visit Deer Cave in the evening and watch the bats stream out of their roost to hunt.
  9. Why not plan your trip around the Grand Prix and enjoy some high octane fun.
  10. Sail to Selingan Island and watch the turtles laying their eggs in the sand, if you’re lucky of course!

When to go?

You can visit Malaysia all year round. Rainfall is distributed fairly evenly throughout the year and as with most tropical countries, short, sharp showers are common. It’s not called a rain forest for nothing! Officially there is a rainy season between October and April but the difference to the ‘dry’ season is not that marked. The exception is East Coast of Malaysia which should be avoided between November and February


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